Google Maps X Shortest Route feature

There’s been a lot of times when we have switched between routes and tried to figure out the shortest route with minimum traffic while using Google Maps. Ever Wondered How Google Maps makes it work?. Well, it’s a very crucial problem to solve. We have “n” number of possible routes from our current location to our destination and to figure out the shortest one amongst them with the least time complexity (that is in no time moreover on a real-time basis) is extremely bizarre right. But don’t worry Dijkstra Algorithm has got it all. …

On average, every single mobile user spends around 3.5 hours a day or 35 days a year on their phones.Which is quite an abrupt and shocking fact. We are always glued to our phones. We are so dependent on them that imagining a single day without our cell phone, laptop or televisions seems pretty troubling. The large growth that science has made over these years has contributed to the fact of our dependency on these digital devices.

In humans 90% of the information which processed in the Brain , is Visual. That’s the prime reason people tend to believe what…


Engineering Student at Bennett University. A Tech Enthusiast living by making apps and finding solution to the Real World problems.

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